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Heed, to the Mound

The Complex Arts Centre, Dublin

Dublin Fringe Festival 2018 


“Women taking up space: physically, vocally, socially, politically and economically. We are moving mounds through the political landscape of gender. We will command attention with respect, without apologies. This floor is our landscape, our journeys will mark it. We are building a road map. This is performance, this is action, this is ongoing. We need your presence, let us negotiate.”


Artist/Director: Emma Brennan     

Producer: Cara Farnan

Performers: Lucy Bowen, Emma Brennan, Margot Kenny, Joanne Kernan, Helen McGrath, Eimear Regan, Katie Ryan, Mateja Schmitz, Renée van de Schoor, Patricia Wallis

To find out more about the piece, please read our press release here


In association with Draíocht, Blanchardstown and supported by NoDrama Theatre Dublin. 

Photographer: Carmen Reichle 

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