Seeing You Seeing Me

Re-Vision Festival, 2020

Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast 


‘Seeing You Seeing Me’ was a performance art event in which Re-Vision invited the artists to share one open space, introducing an artist into the space each hour between 12pm and 6pm. An exciting visual element as the performers inhabited the space, sometimes at the same time and overlapping.

''Through using their bodies within their thought-provoking performances, they will inspire engagement and action. This will introduce new ways of working together, connecting ideas and practices, offering the spectators to question what is intentional and what is not.

This event will emphasise on dual identities and ‘masking’ who we are due to the fear of judgement and isolation. We develop ‘masks’ to conform to societal pressures. We use them simultaneously to protect and to empower ourselves. But consciousness and can mentally take a toll. We introduce performance art works that explores and reveals the cultural lens.''

Durational performance 3 hours 

Photographer: Ben Malcolmson